We are working on the precise 2023 GPS track, including the safest river crossings and the absolute minimal bush schwacking NOW so check back for details but here's a post-view of the 2022 route, along with a bunch of silly pictures geo-located such that you can get a nice preview of what you're in for!

In these photos you can find a ton of information about what to expect from the route, conditions, and the style of travel it requires. A couple of notes about these photos:

  • We completed the route in September of last year and saw some unepexted early season snow. Although snow is possible at high altitudes any month of the year in Alaska, there is a reason our season is June through August - it will be very unlikely that you will see fresh snow. You will, however, encounter plenty of glaciers, big and small, but none require any technical skills to navigate beyond micro-spikes and, as a precaution, a mountaineering ax to arrest a fall and slide. This tool comes it very handy on the steeps even in the rain, and we reccomend one in our gearlist.
  • September 2022 was one of the wettest falls in Alaskan history. This is a good thing, since most of our 2023 route was planned around the wettest possible conditions. The Valley tends to be quite nice in summer, with temperatures in the 70s, but getting wet is a real probability for at least some of the days trekked.
  • The entire route is fido friendly. #WOOF! ๐Ÿ• ๐Ÿบ
  • You can get quite a bit of information by clicking on the info (i) link on each of these photos. You may notice that many of the sunny ones were taken at midnight. Gotta love the midnight โ˜€๏ธ!

Check out the photos from 2022

And, although the aforementioned GPS track is not yet finalized, you can visualize the course with This Google Map.

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