The basic idea is that you

  • Show up with your Gear Packed
  • We pick you up Anchorage International Airport in the Matanuska Thunder Truck. Locked. And loaded.
  • We head to Palmer, Alaska for a 🍻, some grub, and a good nights rest. If your flight schedule allows, we'll do a short hike to get the airplane out of your legs.
  • The next morning, you'll be on your way after a hearty breakfast and some hell black coffee. All you need to do is bring the energy for the adventure of a lifetime.
  • We handle everything else. Don't you worry about a thing!

Everything we handle

  • All transportation to, and from, the airport, for the duration of the trip. Whether this be by Matanuska Thunder Truck, horse, kayak, air boat, or zip line.
  • All meals, and tasty beverages. Including lunchies and snacks for the trail, and a cold beer or hot tea at the end up the day.
  • Detailed route info. We prep you with the absolutely latest GPS track on your phone, along with secret routes and safe river crossings. We can provide these for a variety of mapping applications including Gaia, CalTopo, and onXMaps so, whatever you're used to, we will make sure you've got the very latest track on your phone. We also make sure you'll have a back up battery, and a back up back up battery, a paper version of the route, and an analog compass. You don't need to wory about getting lost, you just need to avoid the bears and try not to get completely soaked ;-)
  • We equip you with an In-Reach. This allows our team to see your position in realtime every 10 minutes, and it also enables 2-way communication even without a cell signal. If you have a question, or we notice you've gone astray, getting back on track is as simple as sending a message to us on your phone via the InReach. Of course, in case of emergency this also let's the world know exactly where you are, and when.
  • If you're missing any gear from the gearlist, we have extras of everything so, even if you just have a wet piece of gear, you'll start each day full prepped and we will review your kit for good measure.
  • Before each day, we'll walk you through the day's route, including what to expect from the weather and water crossings, and make plans for an early exit if needed. Then all you need to do is the work!
  • Cold beerz and warm tea at the end of each day, where we'll be waiting with open arms for you, with the awning pulled, warm water hoses offs, and good music at the Matanuska Thunder Truck - your mini daily base camp.
  • After we load your gear, we'll head to stellar camps, public and private, with a fire, 10,000 calories of warm food, music around the fire, and even a surprise visit from the massage therapist.
  • Showers. We'll stay indoors every other day or so, or on demand, at local lodging and cabins, so you can feel human for some of the trip - hopefully not too much of it tho, or you'll forget you're in Alaska. RAWR! 🐻
  • Nites out. Approximately every other day, as weather and group whimsy demands, we'll hit local brew pubs, restaurants, and, of course, dancing. We want you to have the best possible time and not everyone loves to sit around a 🔥 at night with a full belly and someone else setting up and tearing down camp. We haven't met those people but, if it's you, we'll dance every dang nite!

Ok, there are few things we don't handle...

  • Getting to Anchorage. You book and arrange you're flight. But you won't even need a lift from the airport. We got you.
  • Arrangements after your trip booking dates. Obviously. Alaska has many things to offer and, although we don't manage them, we'll be glad to recommend long lists of things to do after your MTF
  • Following the map. As mentioned above, we'll be providing with all the latest information for you to be able to complete the route but this part is the most fun, and part we leave up to you.
  • Showing up stoked. This is a real Alaskan traverse. You will bush whack, get muddy, get wet, sweat, and even crawl a few times. But, we promise, it's so, so worth it.

Got a question?

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