Section 1: Government Peak → Eska 🏔️

This section starts at the Government Peak Trailhead and heads into the crown jewl of The Valley, Hatcher's Pass. Day one will take most trekkers to the Independence Mine and is almost entirely on marked trail. The next two days begin real back country travel across Archangel Valley and the Little Susitna River before heading towards Eska Falls. Don't worry though, we'll provide you with the absolute latest intel on which GPS tracks to follow, and exactly where to cross the rivers. This is a great introduction to the course as it's close to both great car camping, and local cabins if anyone in your group is feeling like a 🚿, a 🍔, or both!

As always, we'll work with your group to make the best plan on a day-by-day basis and, after this section, we'll have all have a feel for what your group will enjoy the most for the subsequent sections. The Fishhook Bar will almost certainly come into play on this first section, along with some sore legs ;-)

For those of you doing the 3-way, this is an ideal section to focus on for a weekend.

And, for those of you in the intrepid category, this section offers not only some beautiful camp overs, should you want to move more slowly, but stay the night out, but several huts that are potential day or night destinations. We always encourage salting to taste and Section 1 has lots of options to do so.

It's also, very, very beautiful.


Olive near Elbow Pass, behind Eska.
Olive near Elbow Pass, behind Eska.

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