Into the Knik 🌊 Basin

This is a section to relax on, and another to spin the legs out on a 🚵‍♀️. We'll be near 🐎 back riding and the vast dunes of the Knik. This is definitely a day to hit downtown for some R&R before heading into Section 5, or a bon 🔥 on the Knik, underneath Pioneer Peak.

If you're a Motörhead there is a lot of crazy shit that happens around here, and dropping into Palmer culture should probably be on the radar on this day. As always, we'll work with you to get the volume right for your mood and energy.

You'll also have made it 80% of the way and, with fresh legs, be ready for the final frontier.


Nova and Ara on the dunes.
Nova and Ara on the dunes.

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