The mother lode 🤶 🕊️💓 🧗🏿‍♀️

Matanuska Peak may not be as high as or dramatic as Pioneer... But, it's perhaps the most exquisite shape on the entire skyline. Anyone that loves the ⛰️s of The Valley has been pulled by her and many have scaled the brutally exposed moraine that covers her last 2,000 vertical feet. Almost... for way to long. Our route passes by the final ascent and some will feel the pull and ascend to the most stunning view in the entire Valley, but our route continues on into a realm few have gone, on secret trails friends have gifted us and made with thier own hands. Anyone that passes through this section will truly know the beauty of the Valley but, not without 🩸, 💦, and 😿. It's an excellent exploration for a 3-way and the home of the most hardcore and local Mountain Race in Alaska.


Germans love ⛰️ 🌸
Germans love ⛰️ 🌸

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